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5 Low Cost Ways to Generate Website Traffic

Friday, January 27, 2012   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Barry Craft, Your Marketing Crew
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If you are interested in additional traffic to your website, but are not interested in spending too much money on it, try these low-cost ways for posting high-quality content on your site and on other sites where you are allowed to post.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars when you can get favorable results at a greatly reduced cost.

Let's discuss some ideas:

User generated content:  Assuming you have your own website and it has the ability to accept comments such as a WordPress blog, you should activate that feature to invite discussions and community involvement. Make sure you always check the box that says moderate comments before posting as many spammers will try to take advantage of this feature by posting their own self-promo links. Also you can encourage and develop relationships with other business people who you consider knowledgeable on the topics you have on your site. Offer them the opportunity to become a guest writer or blogger. No compensation is necessary as many of these writers are just looking for additional ways to brand their name and get a link back to their site.

Freelance writers:  This is one of the most affordable methods for generating low-cost, top-quality content where you can leverage the services of freelance writers. This can be done by outsourcing your project to these writers at a fraction of its original cost. Several top-quality writers on the Internet churn out high-quality content within the deadline prescribed by you. Best of all, when you outsource your project on sites such as, or, hundreds of people bid on the project, and you can choose the best person according to your needs. As it is with most things in this world, you will usually get what you pay for, and you'll often find that the lowest-priced writers do not usually produce top-quality content. So do your research.

Blogs: Blogs and other social media sites offer an effective way to generate traffic to your site without paying a dime. Many blogging platforms are available free and you can easily post content after signing up with them. Some of the more popular ones include,, and You can post content on these sites that you had created using freelance writers, or if you have even modest writing skills, you can post the content you've written yourself. Writing your own content is the preferred method because it sounds more natural. The most beneficial topics to write about are the types of questions and concerns you hear from your customers and prospects. This will help you to brand yourself as the local expert and will also provide a link back to your site which can enhance your search engine rankings and visitor traffic.

Article Directories:  There are thousands of article directories that accept articles. You may write on any subject of your choice and you won’t have to spend anything on signing up. Aside from that, these directories help you in establishing yourself as an expert author on the subject of your choice. This is another outlet where you can post articles you had created using a freelance writer or those that you have written yourself. Some of the top sites for this purpose would be,,, and

Video Content:  Videos have become wildly popular, so this can be another great avenue for generating exposure and traffic for your website. Many people are afraid to produce videos because they feel they lack the technical expertise or don't have a "Hollywood face.” Videos do not have to be motion picture quality; in fact, some of the most popular videos I have seen are poorly produced from a technical standpoint, but the information is relevant and that is what your viewers are looking for. Many smart phones can record video and there are many free apps available to upload directly to a video-sharing site such as YouTube. Most laptop computers produced in the past two or three years have webcams built into them so you could also recorded video from there. If you are short on content ideas, you may want to consider making a video once per week that addresses the most popular questions or concerns that your customers or prospects had that week. You can upload the video to video sharing sites such as, and as well as embed them on your own website.

By using these low-cost traffic-generation methods, you can give your website rankings and visitor traffic a boost, enhance your brand’s awareness and brand yourself as the local expert in your field. This is not a one-shot deal, so the key to producing long-term results is consistent effort.

Barry Craft is the founder and CEO of Your Marketing Crew, LLC. Please visit their fan page at  and like their page to receive a list of the top 70 social media properties as soon as the page hits 100 likes. You may use the list to get free traffic and links to promote your business. This list is not available anywhere else.