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Survey Results: Why Shopping Locally Matters

Sunday, September 4, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: LocalShops1 Girl
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We had an overwhelming response in our latest survey about buying local!!!! Thanks to everyone who participated! (And make sure to read through to the end to find out about a $50 prize ... )

First, some interesting survey stats:

We asked: Which of these factors matter most to you when you decide where to shop?
  • Prices
  • Selection
  • Location/parking
  • Customer service
  • Knowing the owner/staff
  • Reputation
  • It's locally owned

Guess what ranked highest? Nope, it wasn't the price. What Tampa Bay area shoppers care most about is Customer Service.

Here's a breakdown of percentage of people who voted for each factor as one of their top choice. Each respondent was asked to choose two or three of their top choices.
  • Prices (46 percent)
  • Selection (46 percent)
  • Location/parking (11 percent)
  • Customer service (68 percent)
  • Knowing the owner/staff (32 percent)
  • Reputation (35 percent)
  • It's locally owned (51 percent)

In your words: Why shopping locally matters

We also asked why it's important to Buy Local. Here are some of our favorite responses:

Karen Wiltshire
Stella & Dot
Buying local supports my friends, neighbors
and community.
Nancy Adkins  All the monies I spend locally go back into
MY community. They are not going into the
pockets of the "big world." My community
is the most important to me and I believe
if more people alllll over the U.S. would focus
on THEIR communities, we could live
in a much better world with less homelessness
& poverty. 
Heather Sell
ShoutOUT Enterprises
Buying local supports the local economy,
recycling much-needed resources and funds
back into the community. It also creates bonds
between people, businesses and strengthens
the community by creating friendships,
relationships, and collaborations that keep
a community strong, vibrant, and alive.  
Jo-Anne Peck
Historic Shed
Small business owners are your neighbors,
your friends, the parents of the children that go
to school with your children. Every small
business that fails is someone suffering
in your community, someone who put their all
into an idea that would provide a service
or product that they thought people would love.
In this economic climate, we need to support
small businesses more than ever. They don't have
the resources that large companies do to stay afloat;
many are month to month and you stopping by
and making a purchase or eating a meal
may be the difference between a business
being there next time you want it, or another
empty storefront. 
Trini Dominguez  When you buy local more money stays
in the community, which can help local economies
withstand the downturn.

Daniel Carpenter  saves on time and fuel cost and keeps the money
in the local commerce 
Maghan McDowell  I think to be unique, and to buy the best quality
of products. Shopping locally is the best way to make
this happen. Plus, I like having a job, which directly
depends on the success of local businesses
who depend on people like me. 
Diane Schroder
SendOut Cards
You're helping others in the community excel. 
Shelle Berk  I believe in supporting my community, and small
business owners 
Gayle Moesch  Extremely important to support our local economy.
I try to buy locally as much as possible.  
Carol Ann Dennison
Annabelle Butterfly
local shopping is the essence of the American spirit -
support of your neighbor builds a stronger community -
the "green movement" dictates a new level
of consciousness in consumers -  
Lisa Sloat
Because it keeps the money and jobs local
Angie Southerland  like to support the area business 
Billie Jo Grassinger
Tampa Bay Natural Health
Buying local is most important to me because I like
to know the person who is getting my money!
If I shop at Walmart, Target or Kmart, I have no idea
whose pocket that money is going into as well as where
they are going to use it! When I buy from a local
business, I also empowered that I am keeping a local
business open so more people can spend their money
there too! I would much rather eat a local diner/eatery
than a chain, as the owner truly cares about their food
and wants you to return, it is not just about the numbers.
Thus, was born
to share the local establishments with people who
may not have otherwise known of their existence.  
Bob Turel
The Presentation Coach
You support the local economy. You help grow the local
economy. And you make the best friends ever because
you think, act, and feel LOCAL! 
Lauren Hochreiter
I love knowing that when I buy local it helps support
the economy in my area, and that it shows love
to smaller businesses that still love what they make,
brand, or sell. As a blogger, I really try to help display
my love for local or self-owned shops, with the idea
that the American Dream is still alive and well,
even in 2011!  
Heather Hixon
Time to Unwind Yoga
I also shop local because it's the best way to support
our small business owners! 
Laurie Rose
Pampered Chef
Keeping our local economy going is very important!
We can't depend on the government to take care of it
for we need to take care of each other! 
Karen Rodowicz
JK Flowers & Gift Baskets
you help your local economy
you know who you are buying from
many times you are dealing with smaller business
so they are more customer service orientated
and they care about there customers, many times
it is the owner or partner who helps in in the smaller
Linda Evans
Linda's Jewelry & More
I make friends with local business and we can share
life together and talk to each other and be friend
and help each others' businesses
Ken Horkavy  support local business and people! cut down on fuel
costs etc. 
Pat Bidwell  Delightful convenience and hoping my support
will ensure it's stability. 
JoEllen Schilke
The Globe Coffee Lounge
I'm a business owner, but also a shopper. Buying local
is more than keeping the money in the community
(both actual and tax dollars). I feel like I'm weaving
community by shopping, banking, working and playing
here. We weave ourselves a whole, organic place.
I know most of my customers, see them out and about,
and we live our lives with a sense of place, a feeling
of home and belonging. Isn't that what we are seeking
in this increasingly corporate, digital, faceless world?  
Patti Oriot
Mermaid Minerals
Building loyalty and familiarity. I shop local because
I was to support local business just as I want other
local businesses to support me! You can't ask
for support if you don't give it!

Kristin Lohr  The big boxification (yes it's a word) of the country
hurts not only local economies, the employees
who work there and the environment, it also
homogenizes neighborhoods so there is no
uniqueness. All giant malls and the people who
work there look alike. Also, dollars spent at locally
owned shops stay in the community. I could go on
and on but those are my MAIN reasons. 
Kevin Scarborough
Two Coconuts Swimwear
There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the shop
owners' expression of happiness when you buy their
product. Not only have they made a sale, but they
have made a friend and client for life. They receive
the least expensive and most powerful advertising,
word of mouth. 
Samantha Rosetta  You have a chance to connect with your community,
keep the money flowing back into your community while
finding items that are original. It's a good way to help
your "neighbors" who own the shops because they are
supporting families also and counting on us to frequent
their businesses.  
Debra Kee
The Dance Designer
& Wedding Pro

This is how the money flows! You spend $100.00
with me this week, next week I spend it with Maggie
who will spend it Jack who then spends it with me and
I pick a new local shop to spend in the next month!
Local business' send referrals which in turn builds trust
within the community and small business owners.
Don't see the big box stores looking out for each other. 
Janine Lewis  Local isn't just about location. It's a feeling and
a mind-set from a time long ago. Local is the milk-man.
Local is having a relationship with the business in which
you have the potential to be seen as a person with a name.
I shop, buy, and eat local because I care about those
that stand up against these hundred-million dollar franchises
and say "I live here and I am a small business with a big voice".
It's consumers standing behind those small voices
in the "Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who" mentality to shout
"We Are Here".
That "We" is your neighborhood.
That "We" is a potential legacy in a local bar or restaurant
as your children can go to that place 21 years from now and say
"my parents went on a date here".
Local is important because it is someone attempting to make
a difference for something they care for, not just a dollar.
That's why I support LOCAL! 
Jen Stoeckert
Arjuana Living
To help individuals in the community thrive & be independent!
I absolutely refuse to support companies who have any role
in unethical practices through the products they sell or the people
they employ, i.e. most chain retailers, not to mention, shopping
local always gives you the best & most unique finds anyways.
For example, who wants to wear something from a chain
department store that everyone else is going to be wearing
& was more than likely created in a sweatshop & who wants
to use cosmetics filled with toxins that have been tested
on animals? Not to mention, shopping at these chains,
we get not even half the amount we spend put back
into our own community! 
Terry Foster
Madeline and Francine

If I shop local I not only support my neighbors and help keep
their businesses going, I am supporting a business based
in the USA. 
Dottie Hook
Buying local keeps you involved with your community.
You are helping a local business remain independent
and you are purchasing a unique, original and better quality product.
It's good for the economy, the community and you. 
Mickeys Market
It helps support the city
CaroLynn Smith
Embrace Bands

Typically buying local provides for a more familiar shopping experience.

And our favorite reason is ....

Well, we couldn't pick just one!  We have our three favorites, and now it's up to you to decide!

Please head on over to our survey & help us choose.

The one that gets most votes by Sept. 30 wins $50. And there might just be a special prize for you, too, for helping us choose the best!