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Gazeta, September 2010

Saturday, April 2, 2011   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ester Venouziou
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How to Revive the Economy and Help Your Community

Here is a translated version of an article that appeared Sept. 14, 2010, in Gazeta, the largest  Brazilian newspaper in South Florida.  Loose translation, through Google ...

Translated text:

The situation of the last two years only gets worse: every day, rain bad news for businesses that have closed, which changed owners, went bankrupt, people who lost jobs ... That is, the scenery is not anything good for the economy.

A University of Florida says that the consumer confidence index fell three points in June. That means consumers are not confident in the economy, why are spending less. Moreover, unemployment rates are increasing constantly.

Seeing the increasing pessimism, more or less two years, a journalist from the St. Petersburg Times in St. Petersburg, FL, decided enough is enough.

Esther Venouziou founded a website called to help local businesses in St. Petersburg, promoting different events that put traders in touch. "Many local businesses have no money nor time to invest in quality websites or a large marketing campaign," said Venouziou. "So we wanted to create a place where they could be."

Studies conducted by the American Independent Business Alliance, says that for every dollar spent locally, 70 cents remains in the community. Of every dollar spent on a national chain store, or merchandise, only 40 cents left in the community.

Broward County has a population of 1,751,234. If half of this total spend $ 10 on a local business, almost $ 7 million will be circulating locally in the area, creating jobs in the community.

"We can choose to keep walking back toward recession, or we can go forward, re-investing in our local economy, and thus in our community," said Venouziou.

Although often things are not in our control, we can still choose where we not only spend our money, but also what kind of services we use.

We can not only help the community as a whole, as well as the Brazilian community to fortify. For example, when we go to a bank or insurance company, choose an agent who speaks Portuguese, it will be creating more demand for jobs in Brazil.

"If we show the size and importance of our community will benefit us all," said Aloysio Vasconcellos, president of the Brazilian Business Group - BBG, a nonprofit that aims to unite Brazilian businessmen in the United States and abroad, and create an educated workforce, bilingual and bicultural.

The stores have to hire labor in Brazil, but when there is a demand for a more qualified workforce feels that there is so much available Brazil, according to Vasconcellos. "It's important that entrepreneurs seek first within the community, then look out. We have to mix the digital community with the community more sophisticated entrepreneurs ".

Vasconcellos suggests, for example, that businesses offer internships to students in Brazil, which provides not only experience but also ease the young.

While Venouziou's expands physically to Gainseville, it also expands the idea by other ways, making each one think before they act and go shopping.

"I know we're in a recession, and that often decides where the money will buy. But I think we (LocalShops1 are showing to people that buying locally can be as economical as in a chain store, "said Venouziou. "For example, a friend had to frame some pictures and went to Michael's, a national chain store, where he earned a total budget of $ 310.00 for three frames. Then he went to a local store and got the 3 for $ 150.00, saving $ 160.00.

To read it in Portuguese:

The original version of the story is available on Gazeta's website.