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Welcome to LocalShops1! On this page you'll find quick links to popular website features and an FAQ with info on how you can maximize your membership, both online and in the real world. Not a member yet? No problem. You can become a member or subscribe to our free newsletter!


And of course, we want to get to know YOU better. So make sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can tell the world about you!

OK, now let's get started ...



About LocalShops1

The Basics



Local Matters


FAQ: Tell me even more!

I'm a newbie. How can I use this website to its fullest? offers a ton of features for you!
First, get started by updating your profile and adding sales and events to our Member News.

I'm trying to follow your links, but something is wrong!

Are you logged in? Many of the features on our website are just for members!


Oh  ... How do I log in??
On the top right, in the blue bar, you should see a  "Sign In" link. Just enter your user name and password. Forgot the password? No worries. Click on "Forgot your Password." You'll get auto-response with info on resetting the password.

Beyond the Basics

OK, I'm ready for more! How can I make my profile page really stand out?
Don't worry, we're just getting started! Our website is packed with features like blogs, photo galleries & more.

You can access all these website features after you log in, under the Manage Profile link on the top right. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and play around with all the features available there. You can create a library and upload files, for example. This is great place for menus and fliers. You can choose whether the file is just for your use, or if you want to share with other members and/or the general public. You can also connect with other members, manage your email preferences, even create your own custom url.

Custom URL? What's that?
That gives you a quick, easy link to get people to your page. User-friendly URLs are also good for SEO (search engine optimization; technical term that basically means it makes it easier for people to find you during Google searches.

To create your own URL, just log in and go to "manage profile."  Click on "Edit Bio" icon, and then up on top, you'll see option to create your own URL. Go ahead, try it.

Awesome! Now how about Facebook and Twitter? I keep hearing you're all really into that. How can I join in on the fun?
We LOVE Facebook and Twitter, and are warming up to Google+ ... Having a massive presence on the social networks allows us to promote your business to more and more people every day. On Facebook alone, we reach almost 400,000 people every week.

When you first join LocalShops1 (and again when you renew), we post a welcome greeting that goes out to everyone. And throughout the year we try to link to members whenever possible.

You can also take advantage of our active social networks by being an active participant on our Facebook discussions and posting on our wall; or by following us on Twitter. We'll follow you back and tag you in posts, helping you increase your fan base, too. We also have an active members-only group on Facebook. Are you on it? If not, send Facebook Friend Request to LocalShops1 Girl and she'll get you on it!

Let's take it offline

I'm really loving the website and all the online networking all over the place. But I need to get out of the house. Any perks out in the real world?

Of course! Your membership includes free admission to our monthly Second Thursday Socials, and  reduced-cost admission to most of our special events including Top Local Chef and the Birthday Bash/Best in Biz Awards.

You can see what's coming up and register for events in our Listings Page.  We often also partner with other community organizations to bring you reduced or free admission to their events, too. Keep checking back to see what we add.

Any educational opportunities?
Yes! We host workshops that feature great speakers that can help you grow your business. Our past speakers have included accountants, social media experts, public relation specialists, and more. Keep an eye out on our Events calendar for opportunities.

Now let's talk money. Can you help me sell my products or make more money?
We can sure try! We offer several vendor opportunities throughout the year. Some are large vendor expos (Shopapalooza!), some are specialty events (like our annual top local chef competition), and some are vendor spaces at our mixers.

Anything else?
We designed the 1Card to be a revenue-generating product for our business partners. You may buy 1Card packages at wholesale cost, and resell at the retail value of $20 each. Make sure you're logged in so you can get member pricing when you order.

Can you help SAVE me money?
Yes, of course! Just grab your 1Card and go shopping at fellow member businesses.

Also, we offer co-op advertising and marketing opportunities at extremely reduced prices.

We also offer members 10 percent off our swanky magazine, Live Local! It's published in print and digitally and reaches a gazillion people.


And when it comes time to business cards, banners, brochures and other marketing materials, we can help, too! Our newest division, I Print Local, offers low prices and high quality. And 10 percent extra for LocalShops1 members. Just email us and we'll send you the promo code.

Feeling Really Inspired! Tell me more!

We are always cooking up new events and marketing opportunities for you! Can't tell you more right now, though, because that would kill the buzz.

But we CAN tell you about other features that may be available to you on, depending on your membership level:
  • Exchange messages with other members
  • Add, Detach & Export Sub-accounts
  • Have permanent email alias
  • Maintain a "Member Connection" list
  • Maintain a blog within your personal profile
  • Maintain a list of external networks in "My Networks"
  • Maintain a personal file library
  • Maintain and share a list of favorites
  • Maintain profile pages
  • Post and maintain a Resumé/CV
  • Post and manage Career Center openings
  • Post/reply to discussions within community blogs
  • Print out Business Membership card
  • Search openings in the Career Center
  • Search resumes in the Career Center
  • Submit blog posts to group homepages to which they belong
  • Upload a profile headshot image
  • Upload images to your personal gallery and/or groups to which you belong
  • Use community wall features (includes posting to community walls and maintaining a personal wall)

Is there anything I can do to help YOU?

Yes, thanks for asking! The No. 1 thing you can do is help us spread the word.

You can do that by bringing friends to events, sharing links to our Facebook page and by referring friends and colleagues to our website. We also have some handy links with fliers and other information that you may share online or print and post.

We also welcome contributions to help further our mission. All contributions go directly to marketing and advertising so that we can continue to grow Tampa Bay's Buy Local movement, and so that we can offer local non-profits free lifetime memberships.

Join LocalShops1 Today!


Now it's your turn! Tell us about YOU and your business!




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