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Rule No. 1: Be Nice

Sunday, January 22, 2012   (3 Comments)
Posted by: LocalShops1 Boy
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LocalShops1 Boy is usually quite mild-mannered, but when he gets mad, he's not afraid to speak up. One of the things that really gets him going is bad service. And that, unfortunately, is what happened to him recently. Here, he shares his story:

I think our waitress gave up on us tonight.

I didn’t know we had done anything wrong. I think it just became clear that we weren’t going to run up a megabucks bill and she figured the relationship wasn’t going anywhere. She became that weird kind of polite, that "I’m being nice but I don’t like you” kind of polite that you can always see through. But if I don’t want another beer, then I don’t want another beer. If we didn’t want appetizers, we didn’t want appetizers. 

If there’s a rule at the place that we have to get appetizers, please, let us know.

I’ve never been one to punish with a stingy tip, unless the server does something really awful. Like kicking me or sneezing on me.  I know it’s a tough job, and they count on every last bit they can get. But I know plenty of people will be stingy with the tip, and without the kick or the sneeze.

So because that danger is out there, here are a few things servers should keep in mind:
  • Go ahead. Be annoyed. But don’t make it obvious. We’re not going to go back and order those appetizers out of guilt, I’m not going to go back and get that beer I didn’t want the first time. Whatever happened before we walked in doesn’t matter to us. Curse us to the four winds once we’re gone, but in the meantime, be nice.

  • Before asking us how the check is being handled, maybe asking us if we’d like anything else would be nice. Otherwise it sounds like, "So, you’re done here, right? Ready to get the hell out of my place?” Who knows? We might want dessert. Which brings us to …

  • Show us the dessert menu! Know how you can tell we might want that? When someone says, "I’m thinking about dessert …”

  • Tell us if you’re out of something. It’s OK, we’ll understand. Here’s an example: I once ordered a burger in a place that had a special topping, which sounded good. What I got was a bun, two tiny tomatoes and a hamburger patty. I asked where the other stuff was – the stuff that made it sound like more than the minimalist burger I got. "Oh, we’re out of that,” I was told. So I said, well, hmmm, how about something on it … some mozzarella? "Sure!” Burger goes away, comes back with a thud on the table as some kind of grudge burger with a slice of freshly plastic-removed American cheese tossed on. I almost walked out.

These are among the simple things that can protect tips and keep customers from wanting to talk to the manager or turning into those angry customers that nobody wants to eat next to.




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007 Computer says...
Posted Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Oh yea! We had a rude waitress, who obviously did not know we usually tip very well, come up and say, "You don't want any desert do you?" with check in hand. And this was after an evening of feeling like she was not happy we landed at her table. And I did order plenty of beer and we had apps. Granted we don't look rich, and are definitely not, but appreciate good service and pay for that generously as part of our going out to eat Karma. So this waitress lost a chunk of of her tip and was the subject of an Urban Spoon review.
Jenny Venouziou, Tex Ex Co Inc says...
Posted Monday, January 23, 2012
well said ... there are so many options that is their loss I usually do not go back to the same place but if I have to go I specific avoid to be served by that person I do not need the aggravation
Robert Turel, Bob Turel - The Presentations Coach says...
Posted Monday, January 23, 2012
Very well spoken! Every part of it is spot on and is the "gold standard" for what customers should expect and receive!