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Above Promotions Company
LS1 Partner
Last updated: 9/30/2016
Above Promotions Company
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Above Promotions Company
813 383-1914 (Phone)
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  Above Promotions is a digital marketing and public relations agency with B2C clients that promote brands in the food, fashion and family entertainment industries.

We build and protect brands by creating and executing digital resources to sell products or build positive public sentiment.

From a local to international market, Above Promotions Company can provide the exposure that goes above your expectations.

Would you like to hear more about Above Promotions Company? Call our office today at (813) 383-1914.
  Media and Public Relations

The more exposure the better. With the exponential growth of digital media, you will need an expert to lead a productive campaign towards increasing positive recognition with the public. Let’s work together to ensure your communications to your audience resonates with them to provoke them to share, turn to and buy into your brand.

Client Imaging

Image is everything. If your image is not a reflection of your brand or it tells a story different than your intentions, it is time to overhaul your image. Our professional staff can get you ready for the media’s attention and the public’s adoration. Winning over the public is about communicating with your words and visual appearance.

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

No one wants a crisis on their hands. What you say, do and even wear can make the difference between your brand surviving or sinking. Our experience with criminal and corporate litigations have created positive results for our clients. An immediate strategy from seasoned professionals can help to turn your crisis around.

Media Training

Knowing what and what not to say is extremely important once you gain the media’s attention. In just one session, your interviewing skills can improve. With several, you can be a professional and confident speaker in communicating your objectives to the public or even internal teams.

Digital Marketing Plan Development and Execution

Our innovative creative lab allows our team to focus on providing your brand with premium campaigns for your audience. The team utilizes creativity and strategy to help meet measurable goals for success. Our digital marketing plan development and in some cases re-development, focuses on telling your story to your consumers where they are at – mobile, pc or in-person.

If you are operating your business without a defined digital marketing budget, we can show you how to create one and stick to it. You will learn how to calculate your ROI and regularly evaluate what is and is not working towards the expansion of your business. As a digital marketing agency we are also able to help you with content creation, content aggregation and content curation for your brand online. Just ask us how.

Consumer Data Analysis

Understanding how your existing customers interact with your brand in and outside of your presence is key to keeping them coming back and more importantly telling others about their positive experience. It’s also important to understand and create an environment for new ones to want to become a customer. Through our thorough evaluation, we can provide an external professional opinion from the selection of colors, fonts, smells, lighting and customer service flow and roles. Immediate recommendations for changes are made and results felt immediately.

Local SEO

With our local search rank check tool we are able to monitor your local search performance and track keywords and locations on Google, Yahoo & Bing. We help you to optimize your Google+ Local profile and compare it to your competitors. We are also able to assist you in locating your business’ reviews and provide you with the ability to make obtaining them easy online. Plus, we’re able to submit your business to hundreds of directories and citation sites.

Retargeting Campaigns

On average, our retargeting campaign customers can expect to see 2-10 times the return on investment. We provide you with the Average CPM rate, Expected Impressions and Expected Conversion rate on a weekly or monthly basis. Customers may leave your website, but they will not be far from your brand.

Social Media and Mobile Campaigns

Social Media and Mobile Campaigns are not just about you. It is important to share experiences and information relevant to your potential and existing customers. Through regular updates that encourage thought, information sharing and promotions, you can experience success and increase engagement. Worried about where to start or just don’t have the time. We can create content or provide you with the technology to share previously created content your demographic wants to read through social listening.

Field, Experiential and Event Marketing

When you can’t be there or need help figuring out what to display at events, we can help you. With awesome technology and printing contacts and friendly representatives to work your event, gaining leads and exposure is a breeze. However, our assistance with your event doesn’t stop there. We assist with attendee marketing, partnership/sponsorship marketing and event technology. This combination helps to create an experience that lasts long after the event ends.


What should you say on that billboard or in that brochure? Should your commercial be short or long? You have only seconds in many cases to capture your audiences attention. Then you have to know what to say and do to keep it. Words mean everything and nothing at the same time. With our help you’ll discover what will work for your brand.

Media Buying

Buying advertising can be expensive. We have contacts with many publishers for discounted rates. We can also assist in the negotiation and selection of what will have the largest ROI for your business. Count on us to help you sift through all of the options to choose the right one to reach your audience.

Corporate Sponsorship Development

Simply approaching a potential donor with a solicitation for money may not work for your cause. You must basically share and prove how their investment will help their business and fits in with their demographic. Let us prepare a sponsorship package for you as well as help you to discover the best organizations to ask for funds.

Strategic Branding

Relationship building is our specialty. We understand what can make ventures successful by partnering people together with common and complementary goals. Looking for an event to garner more exposure. Want to find a business to help share leads that you can trust? Let us help you find where you should be and help you get there.

Product Event Planning

Your product, whether tangible or a service, needs to be introduced to the public. By providing a dynamic in-person and hands-on interactive experience for potential and existing customers, you increase your brand’s following and in-turn create brand ambassadors. It’s not enough to just host a party, but to bring in the right elements and people to help your business grow requires experience.

Allow us to help you with displays, invitations, attendee registration, increasing patron numbers, contracts, venue selection, swag bags, the media and of course, great partners and sponsors.

Every business should have a promotional event either once a year or quarterly. Need help with yours?


Through mobile and desktop applications your message is able to be distributed based on geo-location, cookies, subject matter or on-demand by current and potential clients. You can create sustainable growth with a targeted reach before, during and after your events or visits to your stores.

Content Distribution

With our network of bloggers and online distribution channels for your content, your brand is able to find a native home among your key customers. Just say the word and we can provide you with various avenues to share your promotions or promotional events.

From concept to execution, we are with you every step of the way.

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