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101 Things in 1,001 Days

Posted By Ester Venouziou, Sunday, January 5, 2014
Updated: Thursday, December 22, 2016

This year I'm skipping the New Year's resolutions, and instead taking the "101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days" challenge. Here's what's on my list (I tried to limit work-related goals, but a few still snuck in). I'll let you know how I did on Oct. 2, 2016 -- that's 1,001 days from today!

  1. Travel to Cinque Terre, Italy
  2. Start painting 
  3. Take a barista class (just for fun)
  4. Paint my living room
  5. Learn Spanish
  6. Build a sandcastle 
  7. Go to the beach 101 times (or more)
  8. Have street-front location for LocalShops1 HQ
  9. Take a bartending class (also just for fun)
  10. Start an herb garden
  11. Have LocalShops1's new Buy Local! magazine go bi-monthly or monthly
  12. Replace doorknobs with glass ones
  13. Lose 30 lbs
  14. Clean up overgrown garden area in my backyard
  15. Color a page in a coloring book every day for a month 
  16. Put up a hammock in the formerly overgrown garden area
  17. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  18. Read 30 books that I've never read 
  19. Go on a picnic
  20. Dance in the rain
  21. Take a yoga class at Sunken Gardens
  22. Watch 30 movies that I've never seen
  23. Learn how to cook at least one "signature" dish
  24. Write all bad memories on paper and burn the paper
  25. Host a dinner party
  26. Write a book
  27. Make bread from scratch
  28. Go horseback riding
  29. Replace outdated lighting fixtures in my bathrooms
  30. Send a message in a bottle
  31. "Unplug" for 72 hours
  32. Write a list of 101 things to do when I'm done with this batch
  33. Swim with manatees
  34. Get a dog, preferably a miniature Beagle mix
  35. Deep-clean my home
  36. Do "random act of kindness" every day for a week
  37. Spend a weekend in Charleston
  38. Spend a weekend in Austin
  39. Attend one of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies annual conferences
  40. Reconnect with friends from pre-LocalShops1 days
  41. Spend more time with friends here
  42. Go on one of the St Pete Historical Society walking tours
  43. Clean out guest bedroom closet
  44. Live on the water
  45. Go to a forest and read a book there
  46. Walk the Pinellas Trail (and have someone pick me up to bring me back!)
  47. Learn how to make a "signature cocktail"
  48. Refinish an old piece of furniture
  49. Make pickles
  50. Get floors refinished
  51. Send Christmas cards (paper, not electronic)
  52. Go sailing
  53. Go kayaking
  54. Take a picture with Mickey Mouse  
  55. Refinish kitchen cabinets
  56. Restore attic into zen room
  57. Get a microwave (mine got zapped in 2011 and I never replaced it!)
  58. Get a new dishwasher 
  59. Drink green tea every day for a month
  60. Start a personal journal
  61. Update this blog weekly
  62. Stay away from crazy people
  63. Stay away from negative people
  64. Buy flowers for myself
  65. Learn to say "no," without disclaimers or explanations
  66. Learn more about container gardening
  67. Get a firepit
  68. Replace ugly white fridge with a retro one, maybe ice blue
  69. Paint something fun on my mailbox
  70. Catch a gecko (and then release him)
  71. Sit through an entire action movie without falling asleep
  72. Come up with a plan for unused upstairs office room
  73. Get a real camera
  74. Take the Gratitude Photo Challenge (one photo a week of something I'm thankful for, for one year)
  75. Get hot tub fixed
  76. Limit Facebook/social media to 2 hours a day
  77. Cut back on diet Coke (no more than one a week)
  78. Send birthday cards
  79. Send thank you notes
  80. Visit one new antique shop a month for 6 months
  81. Illustrate this list of 101 goals
  82. Continue to unclutter: one large bag of "stuff" a week for 5 weeks
  83. Go on spa vacation with my best friends from college 
  84. Make a necklace
  85. Sell one handcrafted thing -- not sure what yet!
  86. Go a week without complaining about anything
  87. Learn to hula-hoop
  88. Spend two days by myself in a place where I don't know anyone
  89. Go a day in complete silence
  90. Dye my hair a crazy color for Halloween
  91. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day for a month, so hopefully it becomes a lifetime habit
  92. Buy something completely frivolous
  93. Learn Photoshop, beyond the basics
  94. Start a watergun fight
  95. Lose 30 lbs (yes, I wrote that already but it's worth repeating)
  96. Put up window flower boxes
97-101. These are secret ones. I can't share everything, afterall. But maybe I'll let you know when I accomplish them, within 1,001 days!

What's on your list? Feel free to post in the comments below. And if you have your own list of 101 on your blog, add link to it. Let's all keep each other accountable. 


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Ester Venouziou, founder of LocalShops1, is available for freelance projects: writing, editing, design or social media. She can be reached at or 727.637.5586

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What a list...inspired to create my own...put it in writing and hold myself accountable.
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LocalShops1 says...
Posted Sunday, January 5, 2014
Good luck, Terry! Post link here when you're done if you'd like to share! -- Ester
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